Capabilities and Facilities

With all of the focus and commitment to service that our team exemplifies, it has allowed us to grow from non existence to the fabrication capabilities we have today. Our plant that has continued to rapidly grow and evolve is located in Phoenix, Az. The plant currently is currently housed on under 10 acres with a 90,000 square foot fabrication facility under roof. What makes our plant different than most plants is the utilization of space, high efficiency handling, and floor plan versatility. As most fabrication companies can attest, handling is the critical weakness in the fabrication process. So to eliminate handling, we have researched and strategically maximized our equipment placement, installed conveyors, transfers, and overhead cranes, while making our personnel versatile. The additional uniqueness of the plant is that the areas are broken out into bays. The bays are developed through the years, and continue to develop and improve through the needs of our customers and projects. Our bays are broken out from heavy structural, medium fab, part development, welding, paint and high SPC prep, and to our high volume miscellaneous area. The miscellaneous area includes high volume stair and rail production from elaborate stair designs, to multi story production stairs. Each area includes the latest technology and capabilities in terms of equipment. Some of the equipment includes includes such pieces like our Controlled Automation drill and saw line, in line Camco cambering machine, and Peddinghaus drill/burn plate processing equipment. While we host many of the industry automated components we will always look to add and improve technology into our facility to only improve our service to our customers.