Our Core Services


As Encore Steel continues to grow in volume, size and geographical location there is one thing that does not change, our Focus. Focus is not only maintaining core values of our company like service but also discovering through service how we can meet our customer’s needs from project to project. For every project there are other needs besides fabrication capabilities. Those needs are service related whether its design assistance through GMP documents, BIM modeling for clash detection, or specific installation considerations for seismic retrofits.

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Capabilities and Facilities

With all of the focus and commitment to service that our team exemplifies, it has allowed us to grow from non existence to the fabrication capabilities we have today. Our Phoenix, AZ plant has continued to rapidly grow and evolve. Our plant is currently housed under 10 acres with 90,000 sqare feet of fabrication space under roof. What makes our plant different than most plants is the utilization of space, high efficiency handling and floor plan versatility. As most fabrication companies can attent, excessive handling is the critical weakness in the fabrication process. To minimize handling, we have researched and strategically maximized our equipment placement, installed conveyors, transfers and overhead cranes whiles training versatility throughout each department’s personnel. The additional uniqueness of our plant is that it is broken out into bays. Each bay has evolved throughout the years to adapt to our customers and project’s needs..

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Fabrication Services

One of the most common questions we are asked, is what size projects do we do, or what is our fabrication capability? This is not a simple answer! Since our foundation is to service our customers, we get involved in all sorts of fabrication with carbon steel. As described in our Capabilities section, we can handle everything from heavy tonnage projects, to high rise stair with railing systems. We have taken an approach to be as flexible for each and every customer’s needs, in terms of project size and type. We can be involved in anything small and simple, to large and complex, as long as we do not waiver from our ability to provide high levels of service.

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