About Us / History

Encore Steel’s was developed in 2003 from a recognition that the steel industry was beginning to lack so many important values and important qualities like commitment. During this time period, the economy was beginning to boom and steel fabricators were in great demand. The industry was so concerned about volume that the lack of virtues like honesty, quality and integrity were unbelievably evident. As a person who believes that relationships are more important than revenue, I was requested from many companies to form my own company. In this time, I chose to take a chance with no capital and no certainty that Encore Steel would succeed. I knew I could guarantee my customers who would take a chance in Encore Steel, that they get back the experience of honesty, quality, and integrity.

These reasons are how the name Encore Steel came to be and why our fundamentals are critical to a projects success. My goal was always to build relationships, not just a project. To this day, we have grown from a single person entity serving a single geographic location to a substantial operation with various projects in multiple states. The best part about this growth is the success of surrounding myself with the best staff in the industry. My team’s belief in the foundation of Encore Steel’s principals, unparalleled level of service and goal to build relationships is what has led to be the sought after company we are today. Our motto, “Structured for Your Success” can be your experience as well. Come find out why.