Production Capabilities

Production And Technology Goes Hand And Hand.

We believe in continuously improving either processes or production with the goal of achieving maximum ability and efficiency. The incorporation of fabrication technology and office software, allows our team to expand our abilities to meet our customer’s needs. Production consists of a large facility that utilizes 3 main bay areas. These bay areas are significant in size, and serve various production purposes. The North bay is small and medium fabrication, the middle bay is heavy fabrication, and the South bay is small part production and miscellaneous steel fabrication. The main fabrication bays include conveyors and transfers that process main fabrication material from the drill line, saw line, or automated coping line. These conveyors along with overhead cranes, disperse material to each specific bay for fabrication. Production equipment includes the following manufactures and types, but not limited to;

  • Plate processing – Peddinghaus and Controlled Automation drill, burn, and scribe machinery
  • Drill line – Controlled Automation
  • Saw line – Controlled Automation and multiple Hemsaw’s
  • Automated Coping machine – Peddinhaus
  •  Cambering machine – Cambco
  • Brake and Shear – Accupress and Accushear
  • Bending equipment – Ercolina